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Zdenca Hencic


After a couple of years struggling with corn building on my feet and walking pain I met with John who explained why I had developed corns and pain while walking. He took measurements of my weight distribution over my feet and made me the orthotics that suddenly eased my pain during walking. I have been […]

Barry Sutton – Plantar’s Warts


PLANTAR WARTS GONE I had Plantar Warts for over 25 years. They were spread over the balls and heels of both feet. They were incredibly uncomfortable and unsightly. I had them painfully removed (burned out) in 1995 but within 8 years they were back with a vengeance. I met John at Ortho-Care in 2007. I […]

Rick Richardson – Fire Chief, Mapleton Fire/Rescue


Dear John, As you know, I couldn’t walk without a crutch on the Wednesday before my trip, but thanks to your wonderful work, I was able to golf 1 round on Saturday, 2 rounds on Sunday, rained out on Monday, and 2 rounds on Tuesday. The rest of the week was washed out, but I […]

Lea Berkleman


Hi John, Just wanted to send you a little note, I love love love these new sandals, they are even better than my Burkes, please don’t tell my Burkes I said that. I wear them as slippers in the house and with socks lol outside when its dry. Thank you so much!!! Lea

Corey Morrison – Toyota


Hi John, I know you like to get some feed back a little later after giving orthotics, but I wanted to let you know that the pain I’ve been feeling for about a month and a half is almost gone. After wearing the new orthotics for two days I can walk on my feet all […]

Carolyn McInally – Director / Founder, Innovative Dance


Hey John, I just wanted to take a minute and send you a thank you email. I love getting the updates and guidance to help the girls. The more knowledge I can gain the better teacher I can be. Caity says the orthotics have helped her enormously and hopefully we can get her back on […]

Brigitte Zanini – Nurse practitioner


Dear Mr. Does: I am a nurse case manager whose function is to liaise with clients, their family members and health care professionals to assess, recommend and arrange rehabilitation services. In my work, I have been afforded the opportunity of being involved with many clients who have sustained orthopaedic injuries and for which a variety […]

Brenda Davidson


I wanted to write a special thank you for your concern at our last appointment. You were the only professional that encouraged me to seek further advice regarding my severe heel pain.  As you suggested there was indeed more to my pain than a traditional heel spur.  Even though I presented your detailed letter on […]

Cycling: Comfort = Performance


Orthotics can help re-distribute pressure away from the forefoot or re-align the driving force of the knees’ one way hinge… By Dr. John F. Does PhD, MBA, C Ped (C) In many sporting situations, athletes who would greatly benefit from custom orthotics are limited by the space or ‘clearance’ within the traditional footwear used for […]

Miss Carolyne: Owner / Director – Innovative Dance


My Comfy Wedding Day… Orthotic Flip Flops… WHO KNEW!!! ☺ Thanks John! Miss Carolyne: Owner / Director – Innovative Dance

Carolyn West, Care Solutions Corporation, Happy Patient!


John, and the staff at Orthocare are exceptional at what the offer their clients; improved health, quality of life, and a clear understanding of how to maintain both. I can’t express enough gratitude to the Orthocare team for their genuine interest and concern.  They will remain a valuable part of my ongoing health care!