Products and Expectations


Assessment, Service and Follow-up Expectations

Ortho-Care strives to provide our patients with exceptional service and custom Precision Orthotics that are made from the most advanced raw materials currently available. Your personalized experience with Ortho-Care will include:
  • A one-on-one “no obligation” assessment with our pedorthist and owner of the clinic and lab. This assessment encompasses:
    • An extensive overview of medical-related history
    • A detailed discussion regarding lifestyle and fashion preference requirements
    • Tests that calculate the range of motion in the lower extremities
    • Complete gait analysis using traditional methods as well as current technologies
    • Manual caliper measurements of key areas of the foot
    • 3-dimensional casting of the feet: We work with foam impression molds, plaster cast strips and the newly introduced Varifit Accu-Lite digital casting technology. We choose the casting method based on patient needs and insurance requirements.
    • A detailed discussion about orthotic materials, crafting methods and performance expectations.
    • A detailed discussion of how we will measure the success of the orthotic therapy together with the patient.
  • A dispensing appointment will take place within one week of the assessment (this is dependent on patient availability). At this time, the patient’s new custom Precision Orthotics will be properly fitted within their existing footwear
  • Enrollment in our customized patient wellness follow-up program that is designed to track results, identify adjustment requirements and optimize pain relief
  • Complimentary adjustments for those who do not obtain expected levels of symptom relief.  Generally, adjustments are made at our on-site lab while the patient waits. Note: 86% of Ortho-Care’s patients achieve the desired level of comfort without the need for additional adjustments.
  • Access to our Ortho-Care Refund Policy.

Warranty and Return Policy

logoCustomer service is essential to Ortho-Care. While 99% of our patients experience satisfactory relief of their original symptoms, we understand that custom orthotics are not for everybody.  Accordingly, Ortho-Care has developed the following refund and return policy:  If within 60 days of receiving your Precision Orthotics you do not experience satisfactory results, Ortho-Care will gladly refund the entire UNINSURED portion of your investment upon the presentation of your insurance summary.   If within 30 days of returning your Precision Orthotics you decide to purchase orthotics from another provider, Ortho-Care will gladly refund the INSURED portion of your original purchase amount upon presentation of your new receipt (proof of purchase of the new orthotics).