Brenda Davidson

8:12 PM
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I wanted to write a special thank you for your concern at our last appointment. You were the only professional that encouraged me to seek further advice regarding my severe heel pain.  As you suggested there was indeed more to my pain than a traditional heel spur.  Even though I presented your detailed letter on two separate occasions to the same doctor at the urgent care clinic, I was repeatedly dismissed as an impatient, whining heel spur sufferer.  Since my family doctor was on extended leave my third trip with your note was to emergency, where I was rushed in due to blood clotting.  You were the only professional that took the time to examine my situation.  If not for your support and guidance in leading me to a proper diagnosis, I could have died.  Thank you so much! Brenda Davidson
Brenda could not walk without assistance during that last visit and is now excitedly pain free and active.  JD